Revisited: How to get Voice Memos off your iPhone without iTunes

Whenever I check the stats on this blog, this post always leads the traffic count. Unfortunately, while that trick was terrific for its time, the SoundCloud app no longer has the ability to record files, so the trick no longer works.

HOWEVER! Necessity is the mother of invention and recently I was in a situation where I had to find a way to get a Voice Memo off an iPhone and sent to someone else without using iTunes.

I tried email, but even though Apple appears to have lifted the restrictions on the size of a Voice Memo file through email, not all mail servers are willing to deal with such large attachments and so that potential solution reached a dead end.

After playing around a little further, I realized that I can use iOS 9's share menus to save the file to Dropbox.

So step 1, obviously, is to ensure you have Dropbox installed on your iPhone and you're logged into your account.

Click on the Voice Memo you want to save to Dropbox and bring up the Share menu. Click on it, choose Dropbox and it starts uploading!

From there, you can go into Dropbox and email the downloadable link to anyone. Or, if you just want to download it to your own computer, pull up Dropbox on your computer and download it that way.


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