Why I won't buy a streaming music service until the prices go down

I'm currently signed up to the three-month free trial of Apple Music, and it's pretty cool - even if I haven't used it a whole lot. Maybe it's because I use Spotify's free service on my iPad and computer and it does pretty much everything for free that Apple is giving me for free for three months, plus Spotify already has all my playlists and favorite artists saved.

But the premium service costs $9.99 for both. I'm currently spending $7.99 a month for Netflix. And I get way more use out of Netflix than I get out of even the free version of Spotify.

Now don't get me wrong, I love music. But I never buy $10 worth of music each month and I don't spend $120 a year on albums and singles, so the premium versions of Apple Music and Spotify aren't going to save me any money. Whereas Netflix's $7.99 pays for itself each month by watching just one movie. Netflix is an absolute steal of a deal. Streaming music services, less so. At least for me.

But if Apple or Spotify could provide me a $3.99 version of their services? Then we're talking. But in the meantime, I can't justify spending more money per month on music than I spend to get movies and TV series on Netflix.


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