I love Facebook's "On This Day" feature

Let's face it, Facebook has done a lot of annoying things over the years with their news feed, but once in a while they hit upon a feature that's really cool.

"On This Day" shows you what you posted "on this day" throughout the history of your Facebook feed. I absolutely love this feature, and in the few weeks it has been up and running, it's reminded me of a lot of terrific events, activities and other things I've done that I've buried deep in the recesses of my mind.

Even this morning, it pulled up a picture from a trip my wife and I took last year "on this day" that we really enjoyed and we got to reminisce about it.

As far as why I had an iPad and a laptop set up at the kitchen table early in the morning, I'm sure it was work-related, but I actually can't remember the details.

My morning tech setup.
Posted by Mike Jenkinson on Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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