A tiny Twitter rant

I'm a GIANT fan of Twitter's new "Quoted Tweet" feature that has made Twitter about a billion times more usable than it was before.

However ... for whatever reason, Twitter hasn't implemented the new Quoted Tweet feature on the iPad app. Which is weird since it's a universal app on iOS. But as you can see from two of the pictures below, on iPad, the quoted Tweet is still basically just a link you have to manually follow, which is annoying.

HOWEVER... Tweetbot has now implemented the Quoted Tweet feature, too, which means it's now more in sync with Twitter's own feature set than Twitter is!

Which is crazy. But I'm now back to using Tweetbot on my iPad instead of Twitter for iPad because Tweetbot actually supports a feature that gets used ALL THE TIME ON TWITTER.

And while we're at it, can Twitter please implement a "dark theme" on its apps? That's one of my favorite features on Tweetbot.


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