Spotify gets annoying

I was listening to the Christian worship group Hillsong on Spotify the other day when the service suddenly played me a Katy Perry song. And then another top 40 pop song. And then I finally got back to Hillsong.

Weird, I thought. Normally, Spotify intersperses songs into its shuffle playlist (for freeloaders like me) with songs that are at least related - by the same artist, or in the same genre. So what I want to listen to gets interrupted but at least by something that isn't a jarring departure from what I chose. I accepted it as the price to pay for not paying the price for Spotify's premium service.

On my drive home from work Friday afternoon I'm listening to the new Steve Taylor album Goliath. I get through 2 songs and then MILEY CYRUS plays. OH COME ON NOW! Then another Steve Taylor song and suddenly: Coldplay.

So I switched to my Music app and started listening to other things.

Of course, I could pay the $10 a month to get the full service and skip Spotify inserting annoying songs. But on the iPad, you can listen to anything on Spotify without having to go through the shuffle play-only option that rules the iPhone app free mode.

Am I annoyed enough at Spotify that I'm going to hook my iPad Mini up to my iPhone adapter in my car and use my iPhone hotspot to stream entire albums in my car without having to listen to Miley Cyrus?

You bet I am.


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