Sorry, Canada, no Twitter analytics for you

At least, not yet.

With no real fanfare before Christmas, Twitter let it be known that they now provide built-in analytics in their iOS app that lets you track just how unpopular ... er, how great your tweets really are. Yeah, that's the ticket!

The analytics first popped up for me when I was on vacation in Maui a couple of weeks ago, back when they were supposedly in the slow roll-out period. I thought I got lucky and it hit my account early.

When I came back to Canada, the analytics disappeared, and then briefly reappeared for me one day. Then they disappeared again.

I posted about it on Twitter and got this response:
And this was confirmed by a Twitter engineer:
So, while we wait for the global rollout, the good news is that firing up my VPN and reloading Twitter can bring the analytics back pretty quickly. I realize now that it was during times I was using my VPN that I could see the analytics in Canada in the post-postponed global rollout period.

All that said, I sure hope that Twitter analytics lasts longer than some other recent changes that Twitter made and then quickly unmade.


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