Singing the praises of Instagram

Instagram announced today that it now has more users than Twitter.

This does not surprise me for a minute. Because Instagram is pretty much the perfect social network. Instagram is far less angry than Twitter (and don't get me started on the negativity of Twitter these days). It doesn't have the incessant add-ons of Facebook that clutter the feed. It's photo-centric layout forces users to at least make some effort before posting - as opposed to Twitter and Facebook's "brain dump" approach of posting whatever, whenever.

It may be, in fact, my favorite social network, despite the fact I have more than 21,000 tweets but less than 1,000 posts on my Instagram account. It's made me look at the world - really look at it - to find things worth photographing, to find new ways of looking at creation and its wonders, and to find ways to get a great picture (or even a mediocre one) out of it. Instagram is, by and large, a more positive social network - focused on beauty (often literally), the arts, and all that is good and worth sharing in the world.

So good you, Instagram. And Twitter, you could learn something from these guys.


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