CM Punk signs with UFC

The official press release is here.

My thoughts, such as they are, including possibly some contradictory ones:

  • Good on him for trying and not being Kurt Angle who talks a good game but never puts up and actually fights.
  • That said, I wouldn't doubt for a moment that Punk never actually fights in UFC because in training he realizes how hard it really is and is quietly transitioned to a commentary role.
  • I can easily see UFC delaying his debut until this time next year to give him a full year of hardcore MMA training.
  • I can see UFC having to take his debut to Japan or Texas to either have no commission or a weak commission sanction a guy whose professional fighting record is 0-0.
  • Is Punk a freakshow fight? Sure. But he's also a money-drawing fight in his debut, and, in the end, UFC is all about money.
  • It's amazing that CM Punk managed to be 2014's most talked about professional wrestler despite having not actually wrestled since early 2014 and whose major public appearances have been 2 Colt Cabana podcasts and 2 minutes on a UFC PPV.


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