Movie review: Hercules

 Movie review: Hercules

Spoilers ahead....

This should have been a better flick than it was. The concept is intriguing: Hercules is really a fraud who does "hero" jobs for hire with his band of freaks, and has a good PR guy who spins the tales and turns them into legends. That has the makings of a very cool movie.

But what we got really felt like a low-budget rip-off of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers .... except the dialogue was far more hackneyed and cliched. And it has some of the worst CGI fire effects I've ever seen in a film.

The last 30 minutes after the plot twist is the best part of the movie. But following the prison break scene, it's hysterical how Hercules's wounds change severity and location on his body from one scene to the next. There wasn't even an attempt at continuity.

All that said ... I didn't hate Hercules at all. I figured out early in the film what it was going to be and decided to view it as a glorified B-movie from the 1950s. That made it far more fun.

I suspect the Rock took this role to turn it into a franchise, but I don't think he's getting a franchise out of it. At least, not a big budget, major box office franchise.


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