When did operating systems become religions?

When did operating systems become religions?

Let's start this out with full disclosure:

I own an iPhone 5S. I love my iPhone 5S. I have a retina iPad Mini. It is terrific.

I followed yesterday's keynote address from Apple at WWDC intently (well, after the fact. I couldn't follow it live because I was at work.)

I'm looking forward to using iOS 8 when it comes out this fall. I'm excited about the iPhone 6 (even though I'll likely never own it because it will be 2016 until I get my next iPhone).

I'm a small-g geek who loves technology and loves to try new things.

But I have never used an Android phone. Never used an Android tablet.

And here's the thing:

If you use an Android phone or tablet, good for you. It doesn't bother me one bit. I'm glad you've found something you like and use regularly.

If you think that Android is a superior operating system to Apple's, that's fine. I won't argue. It's not that important to me.

At least, that's how I feel. Apparently, I'm in the minority. Judging from the Apple vs. Android OS wars on the Internet, operating systems have evolved from tools to perform functions on electronic devices to full-blown articles of religious faith from which there shall be no deviance, except for the deviants who use the heathen opposing OS.

And it makes me sad. While scrolling through blogs examining the details of iOS8 last night, it was no surprise to find nearly every comment section had devolved into some kind of flame war with Android users insulting Apple fanboys and Apple users returning insults at Android fans.

Even here on Google+ last night, my feed was filled with more than a few snide, sarcastic articles and links mocking Apple's supposed lack of innovation, copying Android, iOS8 is Android 2011 or whatever. The Apple supporters were proclaiming the death of Android due to iOS8.

You people all realize this is ridiculous, right? THEY ARE OPERATING SYSTEMS! 

Sure, I love competition between companies as much as the next guy. I like it when companies innovate and drive new features and push each other to become better. That's healthy for all end users.

But the fate of the world is not going to rise and fall over which device implements messaging better, or who has the longer battery life.

Phones are tools. Apps are tools. That's it. They are not religions, and the instruction manuals are not articles of faith. When you die, you are not going to be judged by which operating system you used.

There are far, far more important things in the world then telling total strangers on the Internet that they suck because they use iOS/Android.

One final thing: I love my Apple devices. But at home, I'm entirely a PC guy. Don't have a Mac at home. Have no desire to have a Mac at home.

And I'm fine with that. You should be, too. Because it's just a computer.


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