Kraft brings out chocolate peanut butter. Again

Kraft brings out chocolate peanut butter. Again

I accompanied my lovely wife grocery shopping yesterday and I saw this in the peanut butter aisle: a half-sized jar of chocolate peanut butter.

Naturally, I bought it. I will buy anything with chocolate in it.

This is hardly the first time Kraft has put chocolate peanut butter on the shelf. Some 40+ years ago, there was something called Koogle (yes, like Google) which came in a number of peanut butter flavors, including chocolate, banana and cinnamon. Probably half a decade or more ago, I ran into a full-sized jar of Kraft chocolate peanut butter in the stores, and maybe again as recently as a couple of years ago? At any rate, chocolate peanut butter comes and goes from the shelves fairly regularly.

Alongside the chocolate one yesterday was a banana and a cinnamon variety, so maybe Kraft is returning to the Koogle days of flavoring its peanut butters. And, of course, this was all carefully positioned on the shelf next to the Nutella. (Which also explains why they're using the smaller jars.)

And the taste? Not quite "Reese peanut butter cup" but a very smooth, mild chocolate undertone to Kraft peanut butter. It actually seems to be a milder flavor than I remember previous versions of this being, but my taste buds may be mis-remembering.

Get it while you can. Who knows how long it will be on the shelves before it's pulled again.

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