Vegas mini-vacation recap

Vegas mini-vacation recap

We're back from five days in Las Vegas, where the main goal was to try new things we hadn't done before. So, in no particular order:

1) High Roller Observation Wheel: Riding the giant Ferris wheel looking contraption at the Linq does give you a great view of the strip, and I could see why it would be fun to do at night (albeit for a higher ticket price). While we enjoyed this a lot, this strikes me as something you only need to do once and never again. So I'd be a little concerned about the long-term viability of this venture. Particularly since when we went early afternoon and there was basically no one riding it. The Linq area is a really nice addition to the strip.

2) Gordon Ramsay's Burgr at Planet Hollywood: In a word "yum!" We really enjoyed eating here and would return again. I haven't decided if I like this more or less than Kerry's Gourmet Burgers, but either way, Ramsay's burger joint is really good.

3) 800 Degrees Pizza: A new pizza place at Monte Carlo. We had the Margherita. It was very nice pizza, but a little runny on the sauce. Still, for $8, it was a solid, inexpensive meal with one pizza being more than enough for both of us. And a person whom we assumed was the owner was very hands on, visiting with a lot of the diners and ensuring everything was satisfactory. I'd also eat here again.

4) Carlos's Bakery at Venetian. The "Cake Boss" people have opened a bakery, and if you're willing to wait out the long line you are rewarded with pretty amazing desserts. We had a chocolate mouse and a cheesecake. It's pricey at $10 for a mini-dessert, but it's absolutely delicious. This was a big hit with us.

5) Sugar Factory at Paris: I confess - I booked a table here for breakfast because I saw "chocolate French Toast" on the menu. And now that Max Brenner is gone, I needed a place where I could have chocolate for breakfast. It was even better than it sounded and my favorite breakfast of this trip.

6) Corner Cakes at MGM: This little cupcake place was at the MGM where we were staying. It was ... fine. The cupcakes were a little dry. It was tasty, but not as good as we had hoped.

7) Fremont Street: This was really disappointing and the less said, the better.

(A  shoutout to +VegasChatter , which helped me find a lot of these new spots to try.)


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