Auto-post from Google+ to Blogger with IFTTT

Auto-post from Google+ to Blogger with IFTTT

For a while now I've been wanting to find a way to automatically repost my Google+ content onto my blog. Google+ has an "embed post" option that works very nicely, but it also has to be processed manually every time.

Through the magic of +IFTTT, though, there are a couple of ways to accomplish an automatic reposting of your Google+ content to Blogger.

+Richard Tan has created an IFTTT recipe that takes the RSS feed of your Google+ public profile and posts it to Blogger. His directions are here:

For whatever reason, I can't get that to work on my blog. However, I've found another way to do it.

1) Go to your Blogger settings --> Mobile and email and set up the posting by email, including the inclusion of your secret word.

2) Go to IFTTT and create a new recipe.

a) The IF part of the recipe is the addition of the RSS feed from your Google+ profile. You can get that here: or

b) The THEN part of the recipe is to send an email. I use Gmail for convenience sake. The recipe will as you for a "TO ADDRESS", which is the one provided by Blogger to post via email.

So IF you post to Google+ THEN Gmail will email the new post to Blogger. I've used this very successfully as you can see on my site:

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