Saying goodbye to @downhere

I woke up this morning to the news that my favorite band in the whole wide world, Downhere, is basically done. They're wrapping up their touring at the end of the year, and they won't be recording any further music as a band.

And that made me a little sad. I absolutely loved their music. I always thought Downhere was the best Christian band that no one knew about and I could never figure out why they weren't absolutely gigantic in the Christian music business. I've seen them in concert at least four times (that I remember - I'm old, I forget stuff) in the past few years and was impressed every time out. Now I'm very glad I did get the chance to see them when I did.

Of course, the purely selfish music lover in me (and that's a big part of me) wishes they could record forever, show up in Edmonton every 12 months for a show and continue to amaze and delight me with their tunes. But these kinds of changes are inevitable in life, so I wish them all the best and God's richest blessings as they move forward in a new chapter in their lives.

Now, I need a new favorite band.


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