Discovering the new Fort Edmonton Park footbridge

The new Fort Edmonton Park footbridge
While biking some new trails last weekend in the west end, I was quite surprised to discover that a new $28 million footbridge had been under construction 3 miles from my house for the past couple of years and I had never heard a peep about it before. When fully complete, the bridge will link the west end to Fort Edmonton Park, which for me will mean a nice, easy 3.5 mile bike ride from my house to Fort Edmonton, which will be cool.

According to the City of Edmonton website, the official grand opening of the bridge will be on the morning of June 18.

For those in the west end of Edmonton, the north side trail to the bridge can be accessed off of Woodward Cres., which is off Wanyandi Way. (See map below, and crudely drawn circle indicating the trail entrance that takes you to the bridge.)


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