The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 2 Recap

It's basically part 2 of the season premiere and when last left our heroes, the Cowboys were stuck on their task long after everyone had moved on.

The teams had to find a giant anchor at town hall with only the phrase "to sail to stop" as a clue. Some of the teams thought it was a travel agency. Mel and Mike has a breakdown but still got to the anchor in time for the first flight. Jet and Cord finally completed the first leg after everyone else had signed up for their flights at the anchor. And judging from the way the show was edited, they may still be wandering Australia at this very moment not knowing what they're looking for.

Actually, the Cowboys did find it and ended up the last team on the last flight. All the teams ended up in the Outback (not the Steakhouse) where they had to build rock mosaics, dance and, apparently say the phrase "Get me some children!"

By this point, the Cowboys worked themselves up to 7th. Amanda and Kris had to do both parts of the detour and fell to last place.

Then the teams had to do a ridiculously complicated task that involved using a periodic table to find 2 intersecting streets in a mining town ... while dressed as kangaroos. Really. A group of teams found someone with an iPhone who Googled it all. Good for them.

Zev and Justin came in first. The Cowboys moved all the way up to third. Amanda and Kris were last and eliminated.

Next week: Off to Japan. Where Jamie and Kara apparently hit another vehicle in a "game changing" moment.


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