The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 1 Recap

The Amazing Race makes its exciting return with an all-star season that promises to be wacky fun.

The opening segment at the windmill farm was awesome because my wife and I drove by that very spot in Palm Springs about 10 days after that segment was filled.

The teams had to pick the correct paper airplane (Qantas) from a field of airplanes to get their first clues and then head to LAX to fly to Australia. Amanda and Kris finished the paper airplane task last and were hit with an automatic U-Turn.

But plane 2 arrived first because plane 1 had a medical emergency and had to detour to Hawaii.

The first road block involved swimming with sharks. All the teams lived. Then it was skiff sailing, which looked like tons of fun. Sigh. I really want to go to Australia.

I just noticed that Kynt has become Kent. Guess CBS finally discovered ... well, you know. (OK. Apparently Kent is his real name.)

Gary and Mallory came in first and won the Express Pass. But there was no pit stop per se... they're still racing!

Jet and Cord couldn't figure out the flag puzzle and ... TO BE CONTINUED.

Next week: Teams are falling apart, and it's still the first leg.


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