Got trapped in a car wash this morning. Yes, really.

Went to my local gas station this morning to fill up and get a car wash. Went through the wash, and the exit door didn't open (and, of course, the entry door closed behind me when I drove in). Backed up and moved towards the exit door slowly. Still didn't open. Tried again. Nothing. A brief wave of panic washes over me.

Turn off the engine and ponder my strategy. I consider calling home to have someone in the family give me the phone number for the store so I can call them from the car wash. Then I look around and see a steel door that looks like it may go outside. It works. I walk around to the gas station where the clerk at the counter is busy texting away on her phone. I stand right in front of her and she continues to text.

Finally she looks up at me. I calmly explain to her that my car is stuck in the car wash and the exit door didn't open. "That really sucks!" she says. Indeed. "Well let's go talk to the guys."

We walk outside where the two gas station attendants are smoking. "Can you help this gentleman get his car out of the car wash, please? The door didn't work."

To which one guy immediately says, "Gee, they sure did a good job fixing that door yesterday!"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? They "fixed" the exit door yesterday and you DIDN'T TEST IT!?

So, he goes into the car wash, has to manually open the door, and I drive out. No one bothered to apologize for this.


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