All a-Twitter

I figured out the other day that I regularly use at least 9 different Twitter applications over 5 different computers/devices:

Twitter website
Twitter for BlackBerry
Twitter for iPhone
Hootsuite for iPhone
Tweetdeck for iPhone (Well, not anymore, see edit below)

I can actually justify all of them, considering some are for personal accounts and others are for corporate/work-related accounts that I either manage or have access to. Perhaps surprisingly (or maybe not), the one of those I use the least is the actual website.

JUNE 28 edit: Well, this list actually shamed me into deleting TweetDeck for iPhone off my iPod Touch. I know that fairly recently I was singing the praises of TweetDeck's superiority over the Twitter for Iphone app, but in the last few weeks the Twitter for Iphone app has been getting about 90% of my total Twitter use on the Touch, so I figured why have TweetDeck sitting there taking up screen real estate. Plus, TweetDeck for Iphone has got some lingering bugs that have been kicking around since January (notably, the Facebook status update problem) that still haven't been fixed, so, I ditched it. Yup, that means I now have to check Facebook separately on my Touch, but, of course, there's an app for that. And if TweetDeck ever substantially improves its iPhone app to match the functionality of its desktop experience again, I'll give it another go. That's the beauty of free apps.


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