The Ultimate Fighter - Episode 11

After taking a week off, TUF came back last night for a two-hour pre-finale that was hugely underwhelming. The big Kimbo twist (after teasing he'd be back the entire season, he decided his knee was too screwed up to fight again) was given away in the first 5 minutes. Then as soon as the show was over, UFC confirmed the worst-kept secret in the world - that Kimbo is fighting Houston Alexander this weekend at the finale. Whatever. So his knee is either too messed up to fight or it's not. Otherwise, pranks were played, fighters got mad at each other, the coaches continued to build up a feud that will probably not culminate in a match, and we have our finalists for Saturday night - Roy and Some Other Guy Whose Name I Can't Remember Without Looking It Up. Brandon? Brendon? Something like that.


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