The WWE Divas belt generates traffic!

Here's my site stats for the last week or so in terms of Google searches leading to my page:
  1. 32% wwe divas belt
  2. 20% wwe diva belt
  3. 11% divas belt
  4. 6% new wwe divas belt
  5. 5% wwe divas title belt
  6. 5% wwe divas championship belt
  7. 3% new wwe diva belt
  8. 3% elitexc belt
  9. 2% starfield abbotsford
  10. 2% wwe diva's belt
  11. 2% wwe new diva belt
  12. 2% wwe new divas belt
  13. 2% amanda falk
  14. 2% wwe wrestlemania 24 aspect problems
  15. 2% reign in me song starfield
  16. 2% bret hart and cheating on his wife
  17. 2% michael jenkinson

In short, the new WWE Divas belt is responsible for nearly 90% of my total Google search hits since it debuted on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. I think the WWE has a winner, if the Internet traffic it's generating is any indication.


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