The UFC Wednesday Night Marathon of Doom!

Sorry, but four hours for the two UFC shows last night was just too long, particularly after the kind of weekend the WWE just gave us.

I mean, it's one thing to make Mania four hours long, but last night was NOT Wrestlemania. While the Fight Night matches turned out to be (mostly) really good, the show had zero buzz going in. And after the star-studded Mania weekend, Fight Night came across as a bunch of UFC PPV opening match geeks fighting for free on TV.

It would be like the WWE giving us a three-hour Wednesday night broadcast of Heat - the workrate may be great, but there's so little star-power, why bother to watch?

I'll be really interested to see the rating for last night's show.

That said, Ultimate Fighter was really good. I like the new format of making 32 guys fight their way onto the show to become the 16 who make it into the house. However, now guys who go on the show will be expecting to fight right off the bat, so they may have to change it up again really soon. This should be the best season ever in terms of the coaches being entertaining. I suspect Forrest will completely out-coach Rampage ... and then get stomped by him at the PPV.


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