Still looking for the perfect email app

I decided I needed to follow-up on this post, because a lot has changed since I wrote it.

Namely, Spark turned out to be quite the dud. Well, it's a dud in the sense that Readdle appears to have bitten off way more than it can chew. The company is not doing a terribly good job with its customer support and updates for the app, and until it gets proper Gmail Alias support (which doesn't appear to be a priority), it's not an app I can use.

I was very happy with the Outlook iOS app, but I realized that I wasn't using a lot of its features, such as the calendar and the myriad of cloud services from which to attach files. I do like the fact that it now contains the ability to email stuff from other apps using the iOS 8 extensions feature. That's cool.

But almost on a whim, I decided to go back to using Google Inbox for a couple of days and I've ended up sticking with it - for now, at least. When I used it last, it was pretty slow on my iPhone 5S and had a lot of usability issues that I wasn't happy with. But it's improved a lot and right now it's best for my mobile workflow. It's not perfect, but neither is Outlook, and right now, Inbox is what's in my dock.
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