Mike's Mini Movie Review II

Oceans 13: It was weird. Well done, and fun to watch, but weird. It also required watching the wretched Oceans 12 to fully understand it. I'm going to have to watch it a couple more times to tie all the plot twists together. And if I did actually follow the movie correctly, there's the opening for an Ocean's 14 movie with all of the screwed-over bad guys from the first three movies gathering together to get their revenge on Danny's gang. That could be fun.

Sunday evening edit: OK, I watched it again today and it made a whole lot more sense the second time around. A lot of the cues that tie the story together are half-whispered, barely-mentioned throwaway lines that you really have to listen for. But I was far more impressed with the movie the second time around having now pieced the entire thing together.

That still doesn't make Oceans's 12 any better, though.
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