Las Vegas food blog! Fall 2018 edition

My lovely wife and I hit up Las Vegas again last month for my 50th birthday. Naturally, there was a lot of good food - and a bit of not so good food.

New on our list of places to try was Nacho Daddy, which is attached to the Miracle Mile Shops but only accessible from the street (that we could tell). This was the Vegas Golden Knights nacho platter. Very tasty. They serve a variety of other Mexican food, but we'd have to go back to try it as all we ate was this giant platter of nachos.

Also new was Hash House a Go Go at the Linq. It was good and the portions were enormous so my wife and I ordered one meal and split it, which turned out to be the right choice. The biscuit, surprisingly, was nothing special. The egg scramble was pretty tasty, but not as good as...

Mon Ami Gabi at Paris (where we stayed), where we each had an amazing omelette, blistered tomatoes and some deliciously crunchy and buttery sour dough bread toast. An absolutely terrific breakfast that we enjoyed on the patio at 8:30 a.m. next to a heater. 

And while the Paris hotel produced an amazing breakfast, the Burger Brasserie at the hotel produced a thoroughly mediocre dinner. The poutine didn't have nearly enough gravy and the sliders were merely OK. We got it to go and took it back to our room but I don't think the experience would have been any better had we eaten it in the restaurant.

On the other hand, Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Grill at MGM was absolutely the best meal of the trip and where we officially celebrated my birthday. The best steak I've ever had from a restaurant, some delicious Korean chicken wings and they gave us a decadent piece key lime cheesecake on the house for our dessert. One of the best meals of my life.

We also stopped at the Block 16 food hall at Cosmopolitan for food at one point and I went to Hattie B's for the Nashville hot chicken (although I didn't get the hot chicken but just normal chicken.) It was very good.

We also hit up a couple of our favourite places from previous trips, including Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, which remains excellent, and Giada's "Pronto" fast casual restaurant at Caesar's Palace. I love Pronto, but they raised their prices by about 40% since we were there in March, which resulted in two breakfast sandwiches and two medium coffees costing $50 US! Which is about $1.2 million Canadian. So while I love it, not so much that I'm paying $50 for two breakfast sandwiches and coffee


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