The Great Las Vegas Food Blog - Spring 2018 edition

I went to Las Vegas with my lovely wife. We ate food. It was amazing. Here's the details:


So let's start off with the best thing we did there: have lunch at the brand new Hell's Kitchen restaurant on the grounds of Caesar's Palace. We booked reservations about six weeks before just after it opened. The lobster risotto was amazing. The brick pressed chicken was delicious. The beef Wellington was to die for. The sticky toffee pudding was a great cap to the meal. And we met Chef Michelle Tribble who won the most recent season of the reality TV show and who won the prize of being head chef at this new restaurant, who was very accomodating in the photograph request department. This was by far the most money I'd ever paid for a meal at a restaurant, but I can't say enough good things about it. Absolutely great food.

Bobby Flay's Burger Palace was also a hit! My wife had never eaten there before - I had once - and she loved it. The blue cheese bacon burger (above) is my second favourite burger in all of Vegas, right behind the Uber Cheeseburger at Gordon Ramsay Burger.

We had breakfast our first morning there at Pronto by Giada, which is her new fast casual restaurant at Caesar's Palace. This was outstanding. The breakfast sandwiches were so creative and tasty and the pastries were rich and decadent. We spent way too much money there, too, but it was so worth it. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

There are tons of pizza joints up and down the strip. Our usual favourite, 800 Degrees Pizza, disappeared in the Monte Carlo renovation and so during a walk through the Linq Promenade, we came across Flour and Barley. We split a margherita pizza that was crunchy, saucy, cheesy and tasty. Very good and reasonably priced.

Another new restaurant I wanted to try was Black Tap Burgers. I ordered the Texas BBQ burger and my wife got a burger salad. She really enjoyed her meal. Mine was good, but I've had several burgers in Las Vegas better than this one. So I'd mark this as a slight disappointment, but it was still a good meal.

Rounding out our culinary adventures in Las Vegas was Tom's Urban, which I've been to before with mixed results. This was a success. My wife had the fish tacos, which she loved, and I had the cornmeal pancakes and crispy spicy chicken, which is their take on chicken and waffles. The pancake was nicely crisp on the edges and the chicken was really good. My only complaint was that the buffalo wing sauce they use on the chicken clashed with the maple syrup and it just became too many flavours. Next time I would order it without the buffalo wing sauce. But, how have I got this far in my life without having eaten a cornmeal pancake before? 


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