New Liberte yogurt flavours underwhelm

I don't blog about food a lot, although maybe I should considering half of my Instagram feed seems to be food photos.

But this seems as good of a place as any given that I have been scouting my local grocery stores for Liberte's new gourmet/upscale yogurt flavours, the chocolate praline and the caramelized pineapple and pecans.

I love Liberte's yogurts - rich, decadent, flavourful. So I had high hopes for these.

The yogurts come in a package of two individual servings. Very sleek and gourmet looking.

Pull up the top and there's the chocolate - wait. Where's the chocolate? Guess it's at the bottom. Let's stir.

That's better. Yup, all the chocolate and pralines are on the bottom.

So how does it taste?

Fine. I guess. I mean, it seemed to be less flavourful than their normal line of flavoured yogurts. It didn't seem to be as decadent. The ridiculously few pralines are there entirely for texture, such as it is. I guess my bottom line on this one is I've made chocolate yogurt at home with cocoa powder and regular vanilla yogurt and it tasted pretty much the same as this, and didn't cost me the premium price that this single serve container did. So it's not something I'd be rushing out to buy again.

So let's try the caramelized pineapple and pecans.

First off - I love pineapple. I love pecans. I don't think I've ever had them together. I'm sure somewhere on Food Network, some chef has said, "Pineapple and pecans is such a CLASSIC combination" but it's news to me. Maybe I haven't eaten enough pineapple desserts in my time.

So I'm guessing at this point when I rip off the lid, I'm getting white yogurt.

Yup. Time to stir.
Huh. Doesn't look that different really. Although there is a visible pecan there.

And, honestly, it tastes about the same as it looks. There's nothing in the pineapple flavour to suggest "caramelized" and the pecans are, again, entirely a texture component. It's fairly bland and underwhelming.

Unfortunately, then, there's not a lot to recommend with these, which is a shame.


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