Twitter testing LIVE broadcast button

Back in this post, I talked about the need for Twitter to better integrate its video apps, namely, Periscope and Vine. Specifically, I said, "Adding a BROADCAST button from the Compose New Tweet screen would let people bypass using Periscope completely, and keep them in the Twittersphere without having to download another app on their phone."

After yesterday's Twitter iOS update, I was suddenly presented with a LIVE button in my Twitter compose screen.

I suspect, given that I haven't seen a lot of tech blogs talking about this being widely enabled as a new feature, that it's one of those experimental things that Twitter rolls out sometimes to a select group of users (NOTE: confirms this is a test). (And, yes, I do have the "first look at new features" setting enabled in Twitter.)

And when I press the button, all it does is load the Periscope app on my phone and makes me use that. So it's basically just a linkage to Periscope.

But, still, it's a baby-step to having Periscope more fully integrated into Twitter.

If Twitter has enabled this feature for you, let me know in the comments. Does it make you use Periscope more?


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