So what on earth happened to Twitter's feed today?

Twitter's new iOS layout ... for a few hours
Around noon today, I noticed that Twitter looked really, really different on my iPhone.

The normal favorite, retweet, reply buttons along the bottom were now on top next to the profile name, along with little square superscripts showing how many times the tweet had been favorited or retweeted.

I'm not one to go ballistic over new formats on social media apps, but this update was ... not good. And the whole thing seemed very squished. 

I searched "Twitter update" on Twitter and got hundreds of tweets, most of which contained four-letter words expressing people's displeasure with the new look. So at least I knew this wasn't just my account getting one of those random Twitter experiments.

And about three hours later, the new feed vanished and was replaced by the old feed.

Very weird.

JANUARY 15 EDIT: Last night, Twitter changed my feed back to the new look again.


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