Watching Pride FC: Pride 2

Well, here's the thing...

I started watching this show last weekend on the treadmill. It was not terribly interesting. In fact, during a 33 minute "fight" involving Royler Gracie that involved lots of dull mat grappling, announcers Bas Ruttan and Stephen Quadros started to debate if the fight was boring. Spoiler: if the announcers have to ask, it's boring. And at another point, Quadros pointed out that professional wrestling fans pay good money to watch fake fighting because at least they know they're going to get action (modern-day WWE fans would disagree vehemently, of course). It's not very often when watching an MMA show the announcers put over PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING as being more fun to watch.

Pretty much any moment of any Gracie fight on this show

So I tried to finish the show this morning on the treadmill and ended up ANOTHER long Gracie fight, this one going approximately 119 years that finally ended in a submission.

But you know who else tapped out? Me. On this show. Because it was really long and wasn't very exciting.

Hopefully Pride 3 is better.


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