Some random thoughts

  • I've biked three times to work this week, at 10 miles per one-way trip, which works out to 60 miles on my bike. That's 100 kilometres. That's pretty good, I think.
  • I purged about 80 people from my Facebook friends list yesterday (which amounted to abut a third of my total friends). It's nothing personal. My newsfeed was becoming unmanageable and cluttered, filled with quizzes, contests, and other crap that I needed to cull. Not to mention Facebook seemed to promote my more obscure friends to my newsfeed page at the expense of, you know, my family. So I cut back on people, and now my newsfeed is far easier to follow.
  • UFC's title history page has what I can only assume is a really bizarre error on it, and that's the declaration that Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture "to become an interim UFC Heavyweight champion." It's compounded by the further declaration that at UFC 100, "The two interim Heavyweight title holders, Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir, will fight to determine the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion." Um, no. Randy and Brock were the actual UFC champions, not the interim champions. The UFC had a linear, undisputed champion for four years at that point, and the title only became split again when Randy walked out and Big Nog beat Tim Sylvia to become the interim champion. When Randy came back, he came back with THE BELT, not an interim championship. It's mindboggling that UFC would mess up their own title history like this. Not to mention, the page hasn't been updated in a few months.


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