Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Singing the praises of Instagram

Instagram announced today that it now has more users than Twitter.

This does not surprise me for a minute. Because Instagram is pretty much the perfect social network. Instagram is far less angry than Twitter (and don't get me started on the negativity of Twitter these days). It doesn't have the incessant add-ons of Facebook that clutter the feed. It's photo-centric layout forces users to at least make some effort before posting - as opposed to Twitter and Facebook's "brain dump" approach of posting whatever, whenever.

It may be, in fact, my favorite social network, despite the fact I have more than 21,000 tweets but less than 1,000 posts on my Instagram account. It's made me look at the world - really look at it - to find things worth photographing, to find new ways of looking at creation and its wonders, and to find ways to get a great picture (or even a mediocre one) out of it. Instagram is, by and large, a more positive social network - focused on beauty (often literally), the arts, and all that is good and worth sharing in the world.

So good you, Instagram. And Twitter, you could learn something from these guys.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas palm trees rule, and other random thoughts on a Monday

  • My goal of watching all of Pride FC on UFC Fight Pass is on hold because, well, the first two weren't terribly interesting and it kind of killed my interest in it. Plus, there's been a lot of actual UFC on TV of late, and that's taken up a lot of my time.
  • Christmas palm tress are awesome. We love ours.
  • I have spent hours tweaking my template code on the blog trying to get Twitter cards to work properly. This post is really an excuse to try it out and see if it works as advertised.
  • I'm also experimenting with some new Blogger to Twitter feeding tools, so when this appears multiple times on Twitter, I'm very sorry.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

CM Punk signs with UFC

The official press release is here.

My thoughts, such as they are, including possibly some contradictory ones:

  • Good on him for trying and not being Kurt Angle who talks a good game but never puts up and actually fights.
  • That said, I wouldn't doubt for a moment that Punk never actually fights in UFC because in training he realizes how hard it really is and is quietly transitioned to a commentary role.
  • I can easily see UFC delaying his debut until this time next year to give him a full year of hardcore MMA training.
  • I can see UFC having to take his debut to Japan or Texas to either have no commission or a weak commission sanction a guy whose professional fighting record is 0-0.
  • Is Punk a freakshow fight? Sure. But he's also a money-drawing fight in his debut, and, in the end, UFC is all about money.
  • It's amazing that CM Punk managed to be 2014's most talked about professional wrestler despite having not actually wrestled since early 2014 and whose major public appearances have been 2 Colt Cabana podcasts and 2 minutes on a UFC PPV.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Twitter has finally fixed its picture issue ... I hope

So, FINALLY, it appears that Twitter has finally fixed the iOS app issue that was preventing me from tweeting pictures.

I say it appears, because the app has always let me tweet a picture or two in the last few weeks before returning tons of errors.

But it's been a full 24 hours since I've had a photo tweeting error, and it works on my iPad and iPhone, so here's hoping the fix is permanent.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Twitter's iOS app *still* having issues with photos

Regular readers (all 3 of you) know that last week I made several posts about the Twitter iOS app's inability to send photos. Compounding my frustration was the fact that a) Tweetbot could send photos just fine b) the built-in iOS tweet photos feature worked fine and c) sometimes Twitter's iOS app would actually let me tweet photos. And the fact that I was having this issue on my iPhone and iPad Mini suggested that somehow, the problem was something inherent in my setup or something. But the only thing that has changed since the time it worked fine (birth of the universe to early November) to the time it didn't work fine (early November to present), was Apple's operating system.

Given that, I would think that SOMEONE else in the world would be having this problem, but despite some heavy Googling around, I haven't been able to find anyone else with the same problem.

So, all of this is to say that earlier today, I transferred all the photos off my iOS devices onto the computer - about 10 GB worth, in fact -  and in the process, discovered some corrupt files. AHA! I thought (I think in capital letters sometimes) maybe that's why Twitter's having photo issues.

And, sure enough, after getting rid of the old photos, I took new photos, added three or four of them to Twitter's iOS app, and they sent just fine. I did it again. It worked again. A third time. Yes! Great! I moved Twitter back to my home screen, went out, shovelled the side walk, took a picture, tweeted it and .... ERROR. Sent to draft.


So, we're keeping Tweetbot on the home screen. Perhaps forever. Or until I get so frustrated that I restore my iPhone as new and install everything from scratch. (Don't wait up for that.)

Watching Pride FC: Pride 2

Well, here's the thing...

I started watching this show last weekend on the treadmill. It was not terribly interesting. In fact, during a 33 minute "fight" involving Royler Gracie that involved lots of dull mat grappling, announcers Bas Ruttan and Stephen Quadros started to debate if the fight was boring. Spoiler: if the announcers have to ask, it's boring. And at another point, Quadros pointed out that professional wrestling fans pay good money to watch fake fighting because at least they know they're going to get action (modern-day WWE fans would disagree vehemently, of course). It's not very often when watching an MMA show the announcers put over PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING as being more fun to watch.

Pretty much any moment of any Gracie fight on this show

So I tried to finish the show this morning on the treadmill and ended up ANOTHER long Gracie fight, this one going approximately 119 years that finally ended in a submission.

But you know who else tapped out? Me. On this show. Because it was really long and wasn't very exciting.

Hopefully Pride 3 is better.