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My kingdom for a mobile blogging app!

In the same way that I occasionally remember that I have a blog, the good folks at Google occasionally remember that they run a blogging site.

Blogger was updated this week with some new themes, one of which you are looking at right now.

Which is cool.

But in 2017, when everyone lives on their phones, there is no official mobile app for Blogger from Google. Which makes it pretty much impossible to blog on your mobile device.

There used to be. (That's the screencap included here.) But it was pulled from the app store probably two years ago. Maybe more.

Not that the official Blogger app was awesome. It was the very definition of rudimentary and basic.

There are other third party Blogger-friendly apps out there, such as BlogPress, which I purchased ages ago and have used. But it hasn't been updated in more than a year. Other Blogger compatible apps I looked at in the app store have been updated even less frequently than that.

Sure, social media has largely killed blogging dead, …

Blogging and my recent Buff obsession

Yes, I have purchased yet another Buff hat. Which makes a total of four: two Pack Run Caps and two Run Cap Pros. And I got the matching UV Buff to go with it. I got these from Amazon via the United Kingdom, as this style isn't available in North America for some reason.

And, yes, I appear to have a sudden obsession with Buff, and there's a good reason for that - last year in Mexico, I burned my forehead.

Really badly. Like, I had a Klingon ridged forehead for a couple of days. You'll have to take my word for it. We deliberately didn't keep any photographic evidence because gross.

Blame a momentary lapse in judgment when I took my Tilley hat off so I could swim in the ocean, while completely forgetting I didn't have sunscreen on my head. One hour later, it was rIn Quj

The crazy thing was I had brought an old Survivor Buff along on the trip - one that I'd actually bought for my wife years and years ago as a fun souvenir because she's a fan of Survivor. I'…

Buff Pack Run Cap review (and bonus thoughts on Run Cap Pro)

Every once in a while, I remember I have a blog... And I've edited this post at the bottom.

I've become a huge fan of the Buff Cap Pro, which is one of Buff's lesser known products (and one that I've never actually seen for retail sale anywhere). I took a flyer on ordering one from Buff's Canadian website last year and loved it so much I bought a second one on sale last month.

The Cap Pro is a terrific little hat. It's like wearing a small Buff on your head, but with a little sun visor attached to the front. They can be totally crunched up and packed tight in a pocket, are pretty breathable, and keep the sun from roasting my increasingly balding head.

While I wore a Tilley Hat for year and years, the Cap Pro has become my go-to vacation hat. It keeps the sun off my head and the sweat out of my eyes. And I can crumple it up and stick it in my pocket at restaurants and such. (Which is much, much harder to do with a Tilley Hat.)

And the Cap Pro is fully reversibl…

New Liberte yogurt flavours underwhelm

I don't blog about food a lot, although maybe I should considering half of my Instagram feed seems to be food photos.

But this seems as good of a place as any given that I have been scouting my local grocery stores for Liberte's new gourmet/upscale yogurt flavours, the chocolate praline and the caramelized pineapple and pecans.

I love Liberte's yogurts - rich, decadent, flavourful. So I had high hopes for these.

The yogurts come in a package of two individual servings. Very sleek and gourmet looking.

Pull up the top and there's the chocolate - wait. Where's the chocolate? Guess it's at the bottom. Let's stir.

That's better. Yup, all the chocolate and pralines are on the bottom.

So how does it taste?

Fine. I guess. I mean, it seemed to be less flavourful than their normal line of flavoured yogurts. It didn't seem to be as decadent. The ridiculously few pralines are there entirely for texture, such as it is. I guess my bottom line on this one is I…

The iPhone 7 earbud adapter is backwards

I confess when I bought my iPhone 7, I took the included earbud adapter and threw it into my electronics drawer without really looking at it. The bundled lightning earbuds - obviously - work with the iPhone 7's lightning port. So I had no reason to go exploring that little 3-inch adapter thingy.

Flying to the west coast a few weekends ago, I figured I should dig out the iPhone 7 earbud adapter because there would be a good chance I'd want to plug into the plane's audio-video system, which, of course, uses the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

To my rather large surprise, the adapter was exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be. I assumed that the adapter would let me take my iPhone 7 earbuds and give me a traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack connector at the end.

Instead, it's designed to take OLD earbuds with the 3.5 mm headphone connector and turn them into lightning earbuds for the iPhone 7.

Which strikes me as a far more arrogant stance on Apple's part th…

iPhone 7 - First impressions

I somehow managed to score an iPhone 7 on launch day, which is classified as a near miracle in my books.

Some early first impressions:

This is the perfect size of an iPhone, IMO. The Plus size doesn't fit comfortably in one hand, and the 5S was just that little bit too small. The 6/6S/7 is basically exactly what I want in iPhone size.I have yet to try the lightning earbuds, so don't ask.I have a bigger desire to try the lightning earbuds in my iPad Mini 2 to see how they work in that gadget.Upgrading from a 5S, I've never been able to use the 3D Touch before yesterday. HEY, IT'S REALLY COOL!Battery life seems pretty impressive so far. I did resist the urge to buy the Apple battery case for this because I figured it wouldn't fit in my car bracket gizmo thingy.I have strongly mixed feelings on the new Home "Button" that's not really a button but some kind of haptic response mechanism that shakes whenever I press it but makes me feel like I'm bending…

Car camping in Yellowstone

Back from our car camping adventure in Yellowstone and now that I have working Internet (at home, unlike the NO SERVICE throughout the American national park), I can post a bunch of photos from the trip. Yellowstone is an absolutely gorgeous park, and the various sulphur vents, geysers and other boiling over reminders that you're sitting on top of a KILLER SUPER VOLCANO add a fascinating layer of destructive beauty on top of the lush green landscape and jagged mountain ranges. As you can see from some of the photos below, the geology of the park changes quickly from one spot to the next. There's wildlife everywhere - we saw elk, antelope, bison, wolves, coyotes, tons of birds and other critters. But for all the warnings of bears ... we didn't see a single bear. I'm not mad, Yellowstone bears, just disappointed in you.
And, yes, we car camped, sleeping in the back of our Toyota Rav4. My wife sewed slip cover curtains for the windows to give us privacy and keep the bugs o…