Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Twitter has finally fixed its picture issue ... I hope

So, FINALLY, it appears that Twitter has finally fixed the iOS app issue that was preventing me from tweeting pictures.

I say it appears, because the app has always let me tweet a picture or two in the last few weeks before returning tons of errors.

But it's been a full 24 hours since I've had a photo tweeting error, and it works on my iPad and iPhone, so here's hoping the fix is permanent.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Twitter's iOS app *still* having issues with photos

Regular readers (all 3 of you) know that last week I made several posts about the Twitter iOS app's inability to send photos. Compounding my frustration was the fact that a) Tweetbot could send photos just fine b) the built-in iOS tweet photos feature worked fine and c) sometimes Twitter's iOS app would actually let me tweet photos. And the fact that I was having this issue on my iPhone and iPad Mini suggested that somehow, the problem was something inherent in my setup or something. But the only thing that has changed since the time it worked fine (birth of the universe to early November) to the time it didn't work fine (early November to present), was Apple's operating system.

Given that, I would think that SOMEONE else in the world would be having this problem, but despite some heavy Googling around, I haven't been able to find anyone else with the same problem.

So, all of this is to say that earlier today, I transferred all the photos off my iOS devices onto the computer - about 10 GB worth, in fact -  and in the process, discovered some corrupt files. AHA! I thought (I think in capital letters sometimes) maybe that's why Twitter's having photo issues.

And, sure enough, after getting rid of the old photos, I took new photos, added three or four of them to Twitter's iOS app, and they sent just fine. I did it again. It worked again. A third time. Yes! Great! I moved Twitter back to my home screen, went out, shovelled the side walk, took a picture, tweeted it and .... ERROR. Sent to draft.


So, we're keeping Tweetbot on the home screen. Perhaps forever. Or until I get so frustrated that I restore my iPhone as new and install everything from scratch. (Don't wait up for that.)

Watching Pride FC: Pride 2

Well, here's the thing...

I started watching this show last weekend on the treadmill. It was not terribly interesting. In fact, during a 33 minute "fight" involving Royler Gracie that involved lots of dull mat grappling, announcers Bas Ruttan and Stephen Quadros started to debate if the fight was boring. Spoiler: if the announcers have to ask, it's boring. And at another point, Quadros pointed out that professional wrestling fans pay good money to watch fake fighting because at least they know they're going to get action (modern-day WWE fans would disagree vehemently, of course). It's not very often when watching an MMA show the announcers put over PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING as being more fun to watch.

Pretty much any moment of any Gracie fight on this show

So I tried to finish the show this morning on the treadmill and ended up ANOTHER long Gracie fight, this one going approximately 119 years that finally ended in a submission.

But you know who else tapped out? Me. On this show. Because it was really long and wasn't very exciting.

Hopefully Pride 3 is better.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Twitter's new features: Now you see them...

Earlier today, Twitter added a new feature: the ability to send Tweets via direct message. Pardon me if I don't jump up and applaud this development. Because I was a huge fan of another one of Twitter's much-lauded new features - embedding tweets within tweets - and that lasted maybe a few months before being quietly killed off with no announcement whatsoever. Embedding a tweet in a tweet let you reference the tweet without having to quote it and use up most of your valuable 140 characters. It was a great feature and Twitter just killed it. RIDICULOUS UPDATE ALERT: So I actually shared a tweet in a DM today, and, hey, guess what!? It's a tweet embedded in a tweet! So Twitter just moved that feature into DMs only. So weird.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eating #LasVegas

Watching Pride FC: Pride 1

I recently subscribed to UFC Fight Pass, and decided that instead of randomly watching stuff, I'd try to work my way through an entire promotion's tape library. And I'm starting with Pride Fighting Championship from Japan. I loved Pride back in the day, but never really got to see much of it in "real time" instead having to rely on the DVDs that eventually came out after the promotion went out of business and was purchased by UFC. But even at that, I've probably seen maybe 10 total Pride events, so this is a chance to work through the history of the entire promotion. Similar to how I did my reviews of the UFC 100 Greatest Fights (http://www.the-newsroom.com/p/ufc-100-greatest-fights-dvd-review.html) these reviews are going to be entirely from memory as I'm not taking notes while watching.

Pride 1:

 Kazunari Murakami vs John Dixson: These 2 guys are about 15 weight classes apart and Dixson looks like he's eaten several smaller fighters. Dixson is completely outclassed and Murakami quickly slaps on the Ronda Rousey armbar and Dixson can't tap fast enough.

Gary Goodridge vs. Oleg Taktarov: This was the most fun fight on the show, as they got a-clubbering. Goodridge put Taktarov down several times and in UFC today, this fight would have been stopped much earlier than it was. Around the five minute mark, Goodridge smacked Oleg in the side of the head with a punch and Oleg dropped like he'd been shot. Good fight.  

Renzo Gracie vs. Akira Shoji: This wasn't much of a fight, but it told a better story than most pro-wrestling matches these days. Gracie was the far more skilled fighter, but Shoji was this wily, cagey dude who kept finding ways to avoid submissions against his more skilled opponent. The crowd ate it up. The fight ended in a draw, but Shoji got the moral victory in the eyes of the fans.  

Koji Kitao vs Nathan Jones: Kitao was a former sumo grand champion and Jones was a former WWE/WWF wrestler. Kitao muscled (??) Jones to the ground and keylocked him pretty fast. \

Branko Cikatic vs. Ralph White: For some reason not explained in commentary, this was a kickboxing match, not an MMA fight. Early in the fight, Cikatic put White on the ground and used his shin to kick White in the head, resulting in White GROWING ANOTHER HEAD ON HIS HEAD. The match was ruled a no contest in less than 2 minutes.
Kimo Leopoldo vs. Dan Severn: In the annals of MMA history, this match doesn't get nearly enough credit for being BORING BEYOND ALL BELIEF. Basically 30 minutes of the two guys dancing around each other and landing few punches. The last 10 seconds were pretty energetic. The other 29:50 were so bad the commentators were actively burying the match.  

Rickson Gracie vs.  Nobuhiko Takada: Gracie was, of course, a Gracie and Takada was a top Japanese pro-wrestler at the time. The commentators didn't give Takada much chance at all, and they were entirely correct as Gracie got him down and submitted him within five minutes.

As a show it was ... fine. The glory days of Pride were still ahead, but this show was in a lot of ways like the early days of UFC - wacky rules, no weight classes, and a fair bit of strangeness. Not worth going out of your way to see except for historical reasons.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Twitter iOS app no longer lets me tweet pictures

One of the better innovations on Twitter in the past year has been the ability to add up to four photos and tag other Twitter users in them. I don't use the feature often, but when I do, I absolutely love it. And then I noticed that at some point in early November, I could no longer send Tweets with photos from Twitter iOS app on my iPhone 5S. More info in my Google+ posts below. I still don't have any solution to this problem, nor can I find anyone online with a similar problem.